Saturday, 26 April 2014

Easter Weekend Makeup

I had some fun creating simple looks over the Easter weekend. I really like how they turned out, so I thought I'd share them with you.
Good Friday also happened to be my mom's birthday, so we ended up going out for lunch. I was having a pretty good skin day, so I skipped the foundation, put on some of Ralo's Brilliant Lash Mascara, and swiped a bit of the purply-berry Jay Jay's POUTMECRAZY lipgloss onto my lips (the colours of these glosses don't have names! Grr. See the image on the left for this look).
Saturday was a chilled day at home (I did lots of applied maths assigments), so I thought to try the red POUTMECRAZY gloss to see how it lasted over a whole day. Once again, no foundation and a bit of mascara (the Wet n Wild Megaimpact this time); this look is pictured on the top right.

We had some guests over on Easter Sunday, so my look was slightly more complicated: I wore a thin layer of Ralo's Long Lasting Liquid Foundation, some of the Bourjois Healthy Balance Powder, the purply-berry POUTMECRAZY, two coats of the Brilliant Lash Mascara, and then I layered some eyeshadows from Wet n Wild's Comfort Zone Palette. I started with the bronze crease shade on the lid and a little under the eye, then added the blue-brown definer shade on top of the bronze on the lid (this look is on the bottom right).

Until next time xx

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Jay Jays Haul

I saw on Facebook that Jay Jays had launched a very reasonably priced cosmetics line, so I simply had to check it out (typical me!). The range includes glosses, what looks like liquid lipsticks, thin and chubby eye pencils, mascaras of varying colours (even a glittery purple one!), little eye shadow duos and a vast range of nail polishes.

From the cosmetics line, I picked up three of the POUTMECRAZY Intense Colour Lipglosses (they look super pigmented, so I think they are lipstick/gloss combination) for R25 each. The classic red and dark pink ones say "matt finish" and look totally opaque, while the purple one looks slightly more sheer and has a little bit of sparkle. I'm really excited to try these out, especially the pruple one, since winter is coming (insert cheeky Game of Thrones reference).
While checking out the Jay Jays Facebook page, I also happened to notice a really cute winter sweat shirt. I'm quite obsessed with anything French, and this shirt is so so soft and comfortable. It's loose and baggy, so I can't wait to wear it with a pair of jeans and some boots for a casual, chic look.

I might do a little review on the lipglosses sometime soon.
Until next time xx

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Mini Ralo Haul and Review

 Can you guess what's on my face? I went to Ralo a little while ago and picked up some stuff, so I though I'd do a little haul/review. Above, I'm wearing all three products that I purchased.

Fistly is this pretty pink lippie, the Ultra Thin Lipstick in number 5 Ballet Pink (the name was on the till slip, but the actual product just has a number). The thin tube makes this lipstick very easy to apply, and the colour pay-off is great! The formula is smooth and creamy, which kind of reminds me of the Ralo Colour Blast lipsticks. Retailing at just under R40, I think this product is great value for money. Am I the only girl who has trouble finding pink lip colour to suit my complexion?

I could not wait to try this new Professional Eyeliner Pen! So obviously I had to buy it *guilty*. While the super fine nib makes the liner really user-friendly, I am disappointed with the colour. I was hoping for an intense black, but this liner is quite muted. However, if you're a fan of subtle liner, or just a little definition, then this is what you're looking for. I like to wear this if I'm in a rush (which is pretty much always) and just want quick, easy definition at the lashes. This product retails for R60, which is very reasonable for an eyeliner pen.

Lastly, I picked up the Brilliant Lash Mascara (of course I did, mascara addict that I am), for R60. How gorgeous is the packaging?! You get a whopping 10ml of product here, which I think is a total bargain. At first, I didn't like this mascara at all. I thought it was way too wet and difficult to apply. Now that I've fiddled with it a bit, I've learnt the best way to use it, and I must say I'm really enjoying it! As you can see in the first image, my lashes look full and long (and that's only with one coat!). I think this mascara works best when applied carefully, with a very light hand. The formula is really wet, so it can create a mess when applying if you're not careful. Volume is easily buildable, and the small brush really coats every lash well. On a weird note, this mascara also smells really good! Lol.

I'd love to hear if anyone else has tried these products, or found any other gems at good ol' Ralo.
Until next time xx