Thursday, 10 July 2014

Winter Wardrobe Transformation: Coat Jacket

Well, hello there!
When winter began, I had the strangest feeling that I just didn't like most of my warm clothes anymore. Being a university student, my clothes revolve a lot around comfort, and as a result, my winter wardrobe consisted mostly of comfy hoodies, jeans, a few jerseys, and some really boring shirts. I decided that my winter wardrobe needed a bit of an upgrade! So this "Winter Wardrobe Transformation" series will be bringing you with me on my journey. 

I wanted to branch out and get some jackets to add a bit of flair and elegance to my style. My first buy is this lovely, blue coat jacket from Identity (which also happens to be on sale at the moment!).

I love the button detailing on the cuffs and at the waist, and I really like that the collar can be worn as in the photo, or buttoned up to keep the neck warm. And it has pockets (in my opinion, everything should have pockets)!!! This jacket is super warm and comfortable, and the fit is also really lovely.
Until next time xx

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