Wednesday, 22 January 2014

One Brand: All About Ralo

Ralo Cosmetics is my favourite brand for beauty on a budget. Their products are high quality and great value for money.

I've spoken about the Long Lasting Liquid Foundation before: I really do believe that this is an amazing product. It has buildable coverage and literally looks like a second skin. Also, I find that I rarely need to touch up my face when I wear this (that's saying a lot, as my skin is really oily!).

Next is the Jumbo Eyeliner Pencil. Mine is a  lovely brown shade, and the pencil comes with a sharpener in the cap. The colour comes off as slightly metallic, which I think is pretty, and the product is really smooth and glides on effortlessly. I will point out that when used all over the lid as a shadow, this product creases easily, so it definitely needs a primer or lots of layering.

This next one was a gift with purchase. The Eye Liner Hard is indeed very hard, and difficult to apply to the sensitive skin around the eye. However, this liner works great for defining the brows.

The Hi-definition Liquid Liner is one of my favourites! I've had this for ages and it hasn't dried out. The brush is thin enough for a subtle line and is perfect for creating  a winged-out look. I only have the black one, but this product comes in a variety of colours.

This Soft Twist Pencil in Dove Blue was a gift with purchase. I'm so disappointed with this product! The first time I tried it, a whole chunk snapped off, and it literally smells like a drawing crayon. It doesn't last well at all on the waterline or lower lash-line.

This one's a win! I love Ralo's eye shadows; they are buttery, pigmented and really easy to work with. This is the Trio Eye Shadow Shimmer in number 21. This one looks a bit scary (I bought it for the emerald green in the middle).

The Quin Eye Shadow in number 20 is a great pick for an every-day look. Again, these shadows are awesome. I need to find a way to get more use out of the bright pink!

This one is the Quin Eye Shadow in number 17. The minty green is perfect for a little pop of colour and the navy blue is gorgeous for a smokey eye.

This Blusher in number 6 is a lovely pink shade. The colour is buildable, so you can use it for a simple flush or an intense pink cheek.

I have a love-hate relationship with this Professional Lipstick in number 35. The colour looks like a berry tone from the outside, but when applied it's a bright, glittery pink (see swatch at the end). While it's not the berry that I wanted, the pink is quite nice if you can get passed the glitter. The formula is dry, so it definitely needs a lip balm under the colour. Also, the packaging really sucks - it's chunky and feels cheap.

This Colour Blast Lipstick in number 58E is gorgeous! It's a classic bright red with amazing pigmentation. The formula is smooth and buttery and leaves the lips feeling moisturised. The packaging is cute, but feels cheap. I guess you can't have everything in a R29.50 lipstick.

This tiny little baby is the Glitter Nail Colour in number 29. It's a teal\jade green with a metallic sparkle, and it is my ultimate favourite nail polish.

Lastly, we have the Magnetic Effect nail polish in number 9 - Steely Blue. This is a duo-chrome silver-blue shade and it has one of those magnetic patterns on the lid (the ones that you hold above the drying polish to get a cool effect). I really like this shade, but I find it hard to apply. I either get a very thin layer of colour, or it's just way too thick. Maybe the brush is the problem?

I thought I'd include some swatches. The two lipsticks are in the middle. Going clockwise from the top: the black is the Hi-definition Liner, the dark brown is the Jumbo Eye Pencil, the next brown is the Eye Liner Hard, and the last one is the Soft Twist Pencil.

Let me know what Ralo products you've tried! Do you love them, hate them, are they just okay?
Until next time xx

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