Friday, 16 May 2014

Favourite Hair Product

To all the curly and frizzy haired gals out there (yep, that's me), I have a product discovery that is literally incredible. I'm talking about the Lee Stafford Here Come the Curls Creme Lite. The tube says, "For limp 'n' frizzy fine to medium curls. Gives soft to touch, natural, bouncy curls with definition".

When my hair is wet, I section it in half and gather each section over a shoulder. I take a pea-sized amount of product, rub it in my hands a bit, and apply it to one half of my hair, concentrating on the ends and taking little bits higher up the shaft, then do the same with the other half. I like to take each section and curl it around my finger a little. Then I just leave the hair and don't really touch it too much until it's dry.

I think this product totally lives up to it's claims! Once my hair is dry, it has these super soft, bouncy, light-weight curls and absolutely zero frizz. Without using this creme, my hair is pretty frizzy with drier ends and less defined curls. I just absolutely love the result that this product gives! Highly recomended! I got mine at Clicks.

Until next time xx

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