Saturday, 14 June 2014

Ralo BB Cream Review

Hi Sparklers!

So seeing as I've had it for a while now and feel like I've given it a good go, I think it's high-time I reviewed Ralo's BB Cream (which I talked about in THIS haul)This product claims to be all-in-one perfection, containing primer, foundation and concealer, to moisturise while having a non-oily, silky matte finish, and it contains sunscreen.

I really want to like this BB cream, but I just can't. Yes, it does leave a beautiful, light-weight, silky matte finish, it has great coverage and it doesn't budge all day. I wore it to the Mothers' Day Concert at the Zoo, which was really hot for May, and it lasted through a whole afternoon of sweating in the sun. But every 4 out of 5 times that I wear it, I end up with little bumps (the non-whitehead variety) on my skin, usually on my forehead or along my jaw-line. I already have fairly acne-prone skin, so I seriously do not want anything to make it worse. And these little bumps take ages until they go away. I think maybe it's the sunscreen that annoys my skin, because I've never had a problem with Ralo's foundations/face products before.

Anyway, so if you have sensitive, irritable, or moody skin, give this one a pass.
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